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Ed And Sue Kelly

Couple Completes Two Great Loops

Eleven Years of Sailing

Extreme boating is now second nature to this cruising power couple from Iowa. They’ve navigated the globe and are the first to complete BOTH the European Great Loop and the American Great Loop. The Kelly’s departed from Herrington Harbour North in 2007. In October of 2018, they returned for service and to share their story with us.

NY to NY, 329 Days, Approx. 6,000 Miles

Ed and Sue left Iowa and never looked back. Forty-nine countries and five continents in the last 11.5 years is an adventure to the max. They battled dangerous currents on the Rhine River, avoided hundreds of cargo ships and passed the infamous Lorelei Rock. Ed, a major history buff, was glowing as he described visiting famous WWII battlegrounds such as Arnhem and Remagen. Discovering these and other places by boat that he had only seen black and white images of in textbooks seemed to be the motivation driving them. Ed was quick to brag on his wife, Captain Sue. He praised her mechanical expertise and willingness to dive right into major repairs and projects on the boat. For a retired Nurse Practitioner like Sue, putting a boat back together is no different than any patient she ever had.

London to London, 494 Days, 6,200 Miles

Ed and Sue Kelly are proof that there’s adventure in us all. Their humble beginnings began with a 11′ styrofoam sailboat. Now they are renowned circumnavigators. These two have raised the bar on the definition of world travelers. When asked “What’s next,” they smiled and said they planned on continuing their journey. Being grandparents now, they are hoping to pass their love for sailing onto the next generation of Kelly World Travelers.

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