Boat Hauling

Herrington Harbour North Haul & Launch

We are able to handle your haul-out needs efficiently and safely using our four Marine Travel Lifts, hydraulic transport trailers and state of the art haul-out facilities.  We filter and recycle 100% of the water used to power wash your boat, reducing the environmental impact to the Chesapeake Bay.


Herrington Harbour North’s highly trained lift operators and staff will safely move your boat to and from the haul-out dock as required before and after launching, using our specially equipped work boats.


Our Travel Lifts are capable of hauling boats up to:

70 Tons

20 feet wide **              (Lift Well Measures 20’ 10” wide.)

8 foot draft **          


Travel Lift Services

Haul, Block and Wash for service or storage

Short Haul (½ hour in slings) for survey or bottom cleaning

Haul and load on Transport

Unload and block or launch from overland transport.


Contact the Yacht Yard Office at 800-297-1930 to schedule your yard services.

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