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Preserving Maryland history one building at a time

The Herrington Harbour North Historic Village Museum is an effort to preserve local vernacular architecture that would otherwise be lost to development. By touring the village, visitors get a glimpse of life in Maryland during the 1700s to early 1900s. Museum exhibits include:

  • Log Tobacco Barn (1700s), Prince George’s County
  • Log Smokehouse (1820s), Anne Arundel County
  • Log Slave Quarters* (1820s), St Mary’s County
  • Two-Story Log House (1830s), Anne Arundel County 
  • Dairy House (1830s), Anne Arundel County
  • Slave Quarters* (1840s), Anne Arundel County
  • Carriage House (1880s), Calvert County
  • One-room schoolhouse, The Nutwell School (1885), Anne Arundel County
  • Outhouses (1890s), Anne Arundel County
  • African-American Meeting House (1895), Anne Arundel County
  • Corn House (1910), Anne Arundel County
  • Polling House* (1930s), Anne Arundel County
  • Russian Orthodox Chapel (1940), Calvert County
    *Currently under renovation

The Herrington Harbour North Historic Village Museum is privately funded by E. Steuart Chaney and S. Hamilton Chaney, who share an affinity for saving historic buildings ⎼ often just in the nick of time. In honor of his great-aunt, Steuart saved the one-room schoolhouse from being demolished for a new home. His great-aunt, who taught there, commuted weekly by horseback. Hamilton was driving on Route 2 when he jumped out to rescue the 1910 corn house from a bulldozer headed its way. The museum does not charge admission, as stated by Steuart, “We never started this for the profits. We started to do this to preserve a piece of history that’s part of our local heritage”. If you have a building destined to be lost, please contact us at 410-867-4343 or

Read more about The Herrington Harbour North Historic Village Museum:

school house



Open daily for self-guided tours. Interactive tours and demonstrations by the Deale Area Historical Society are available 1 to 4 p.m. on Sundays from May to October and other times by appointment. To make an appointment, please call 410-279-2078.


Herrington Harbour North Marina Resort
389 Deale Road, Tracey’s Landing, MD 20779

meeting house
historic village
7149 Lake Shore Drive
North Beach, MD 20714
P.O. Box 40, 389 Deale Road
Tracey’s Landing, MD 20779
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