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Cooking on Your Boat – Making It Work

Five Tips for Easier Cooking in the Boat Galley

Boating enthusiasts can’t wait to get out on the water because the options for fun, relaxation and adventure are practically endless. You might like to do a little cruising through the waters to appreciate the area’s natural beauty, find a good spot for a cooling swim, test your luck at catching the big one or enjoy some thrilling water skiing. Many boat owners also like to spend entire weekends or a yearly vacation on their boat. However, there’s one specific thing that can be challenging for this wonderful experience.

GalleyBoat Galley Woes
While cold sandwiches with chips may suit some folks, many others would prefer to prepare actual meals in their boat’s galley. Its small size often hinders those good intentions, but these few tips should help make cooking a better experience during your boating time.

1. Plan Each Meal
Decide exactly what meals you’d like to prepare for your boat trip, and limit your grocery list to only those food items that are necessary. Of course, you’ll also want to pick up a few snacks so that no one goes hungry, but try to choose snacks that don’t require refrigeration.

2.  Use Additional Cooling Equipment
A boat’s galley simply doesn’t come with a full-size refrigerator, and those small ones fill up fast with the necessities. Consider bringing a couple of good ice chests along. One may be used for drinks and extra groceries, and the other may be devoted to fish storage.

Grilled Veggies

3. Minimize Cooking Items
Leave that 40-piece set of pots and pans at home. Instead, determine exactly what cookware you’ll need to prepare the dishes that you’ve selected, and bring only what is needed. You’ll also only want to bring one plate, one cup and one set of utensils for each person on the trip. This encourages a quick cleanup after each meal.

Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos

4. Explore Other Cooking Spaces
Your boat’s galley will seem much more spacious when you discover that there’s another good spot for preparing meals right around the corner. Visit any store that carries boating supplies, and you’ll find a special grill that is made to safely attach to your boat’s railing. This is perfect for grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks or any fish that may jump on your hook while you are out cruising.

5. Consider Dehydrated Foods
Those who are setting out on an extended boat trip may want to stock the galley with some of the new dehydrated meals that are available on the market today. While dehydrated foods have traditionally been considered rather dismal, today’s dehydrated meals have received much better reviews. These meals are also easy to store in small spaces.

Take Your Boat Out TodayDock Party
There’s no time like the present to enjoy a bit of cruising along the waterways, so start planning your next getaway. Give these easy tips a try, and you’re sure to see an improvement in your galley’s performance.


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