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Top 5 Reasons to Store Your Boat on Land During Winter

The top five reasons it is recommended to haul out and store your boat on land during winter:

1. Storing on land during winter increases your boat’s lifespan.
A boat stored on land has the chance to dry out, increasing the lifespan of the materials that make up your boat like fiberglass and metal. Salt and brackish water accelerates the corrosion of certain materials, so leaving a boat in water year-round could lead to hull damage, degradation of your engine, and other costly repairs. Boats in the water year-round will also see more instances of hull surface damage and structural issues from blisters, algae, and marine life. Keeping a boat in the water year-round may lead to issues that compromise the boat’s lifespan.

2. Winter is the best time to inspect, maintain, repair, and upgrade your boat, ensuring a great boating season.
Winter is the best time to inspect, maintain, repair, and upgrade your boat so you can maximize your time and fun on the water when warmer weather returns. We have 20 on-site marine contractors that can assist you and are do-it-yourself friendly if you want to work on your boat on land. Additionally, items like thru hull fittings, connections and seals can be inspected, repaired or replaced with ease when a boat is stored on land.

3. It’s the safest place to store your boat—a boat on land can’t sink.
A boat stored on land has the opportunity not only to dry out, but to prevent water from seeping into the bilge. By storing your boat on land, you don’t have to worry about water entering the bilge, which can freeze during the winter, cause extensive damage, and even sink your boat. It is nice to have peace of mind knowing your boat is securely stored on land.

4. Winter boat checks and maintenance are safer to do on land.
It is safer to perform boat checks and maintenance on land during the winter to avoid the risks that come with being around cold water temperatures. This can become even more dangerous when there is an opportunity for ice and snow on boat decks. For boats in water over the winter, we always advise checking on your boat with a partner.

5. Your insurance may require it.
Some insurance providers require you to haul out or will charge more for boats kept in the water during winter since it’s riskier than storing on land. BoatUS states, “In general, our claim files suggest that a boat is less likely to sustain damage – in the short and the long run – if left for long periods on land rather than in the water”. Always check with your insurance provider and boat manufacturer to ensure you are taking the proper steps in caring for your boat.

Land Storage at Herrington Harbour North
We make land storage easy with first class haul-out services utilizing 5 travel lifts ranging from 35-85 tons, secure land storage with drive-up access and room to work on your boat, and on-site marine contractors that can maintain, repair, and upgrade your boat in one convenient location. For over 35 years, boaters have come to depend on us for our expertise, quality, and customer service. To schedule your winter land storage use our online work request form or call the Marina Office at 410-867-4343. 

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