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Popular Gifts for Boaters

No Two Gifts are the Same

Buying a great gift for a boater isn’t easy — especially if he/she seems to have everything already. For someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the water, two potential gifts might look almost exactly the same. To an avid boater, though, there might be tiny differences between two items that make one item very useful — and the other, not so much. Confused?

We’ve put together this list of our favorite gifts for boaters to help you get started. The West Marine Store at Herrington North will have great deals on most of these items during their Black Friday sale November 24-28, 2016.

YETI Coolers and Tumblers
CoolerYETI is the company that famously
“overengineers” its coolers and tumblers for maximum durability in the wilderness — and it shows. The YETI cooler consistently comes out on top in independent testing with its extremely thick wall that keeps food and beverages cold for up to one week in the full heat of summer. YETI designs its coolers to withstand harsh marine environments. Tying it to a boat deck is easy, and the gasket inside the lid keeps water out.

YETI tumblers are no slouches, either. In testing, the double-wall insulation of the YETI tumbler managed to keep ice from fully melting for more than 24 hours. The vacuum insulation helps to keep the outside of the tumbler dry, too.

Antique Nautical Map
For some people, a sailing adventure isn’t just a great way to spend a weekend or holiday — it’s also a way to enjoy a visceral connection to humanity’s past. An antique nautical map reminds the boater in your life of a time in which boating wasn’t just the most pleasurable way to see the world — it was the only way. Thanks to the preservation efforts of maritime hobbyists around the world, antique maps dating back hundreds of years are very common and surprisingly affordable.

Leatherman Tread
Too.lThe Leatherman Tread is the ideal marine multi-tool because it’s worn on the wrist — so it’s always available. Every link in the Leatherman Tread performs multiple functions. For example, one link might have two Phillips screwdriver heads and one box wrench hole. To use a tool, you simply remove the Tread from your wrist and fold it so the tool that you want to use is on the end. Hold the rest of the Tread as a handle. Video

Emergency Supplies
Preparing for any possible emergency is a significant expense for any boater. Just when you think that you’ve got every possible situation covered, some new piece of technology comes out — or an older item needs replacement. Keep your loved one safe with an item from our list of the most useful emergency supplies.Emergency

  • VHF radio: can broadcast distress signals even if the boat has no power
  • Distress light: visible within a radius of 10 nautical miles
  • Battery charger: jumpstarts a dead battery
  • Satellite messenger: Sends SMS messages via satellite and broadcasts location to emergency responders
  • First aid kit: treats cuts, burns and other injuries to stabilize someone hurt until the boat reaches shore

Waterproof Bluetooth Audio System
MusicFew things could be more fun than listening to some great music on the water. Many people keep their music collections on their phones, but a smartphone’s speakers simply aren’t powerful enough for anything other than indoor listening. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker system can amplify any smartphone’s audio output, so it’s always ready for a party. Combine your purchase with a waterproof smartphone case to prevent accidents.

Sailing Shoes
Wet shoes can become very annoying, very quickly. Sailing shoes greatly alleviate this annoyance because their soles drain fast and allow for ample air circulation. They also provide plenty of traction for standing and walking on wet boat decks.

Start Your Holiday Shopping
Stop by West Marine between November 24 – 28, 2016 to take advantage of our holiday sale! We’re discounting dozens of the most popular gifts for boaters, so this is the perfect time to cross some of the boat lovers off of your gift giving list. Come early — before the best deals sell out!

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