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Why Cruising is a Leisure Activity

Go Out and Explore

Cruising the scenic Chesapeake Bay can be inspiring and spiritual. It provides plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy spectacular sights along the way. Here are a few of the main reasons why so many people love cruising the bay.

Intriguing Points of Interest
St. Michaels is a charming historical town that is worth exploring. It’s known for its old-time shops, restaurants, and hotels. Oxford, on the Choptank River, is a waterfront town with multiple attractions. Secure overnight dockage at Pier Street Marina or Town Creek Marina to enjoy all the town has to offer. Both of these popular destinations are easily accessible from the mid-bay location of Herrington Harbour Marinas. Discover more boating destinations at

osprey flying
Osprey soaring over Herring Bay, MD.

Wildlife Watching
The Chesapeake Bay is home to year round and migratory wildlife. It’s a haven for more than 3,600 animals and plants. During a cruise, be on the lookout for herons, eagles, osprey, terrapins and more. With some luck and close observation, you might even get to see a blue crab swimming near the surface and dolphins navigating the water. Explore animals of the bay here.

A Step Back in Time
Boating provides a way to revisit the past and learn about the bay’s pivotal role in American history by water. Follow the same path Captain John Smith did beginning in 1608. A mobile boater’s guide and/or pdf copy can be your tour guide. Whether you explore the trail by powerboat or sailboat, a sailing/rowing dinghy or kayak will be useful to have on hand. It will help in getting close to shore for more exploration.

Enjoy your time on the water this year. Chesapeake Bay cruises offers the perfect retreat from everyday life.

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