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Holiday Gifts for the Kids

Gifts for Kids
By Amy Ford

What do you get the child that seemingly has everything? A safe bet is to always go with something electronic. Here are a few cool electronic devices that don’t require a monthly service plan.

First on the list is a portable telescope, more specifically the Celestron 52306 Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope. This high-powered, grab-and-go scope was recently ranked #1 by the experts So whether they choose to use it in their bedroom or on the bow of the boat, it promises to capture the brilliance of every clear, night sky.

If your child prefers to capture all of the beauty that nature has to offer in one single snap instead, then you should consider investing in a Nikon Coolpix W300 waterproof camera this year. This long-trusted brand just unveiled a moderately priced, wide-zoom, waterproof camera. It comes fully loaded with a GPS system and Wi-Fi connectivity, and best of all, it takes amazing, high-resolution photographs, even up to 30 meters underwater!

Speaking of snapping, social media purveyor Snapchat has managed to earn its place as one of the biggest names in today’s pop culture. By providing an easy way for users to share their daily activities through a series of photographs and video clips called snaps, they have become a part of most kids’ daily routines. If your child is one of the millions who enjoy “snapping,” then you should check out the website There you will find sleek, stylish, state-of-the-art sunglasses, specifically made for capturing and sending snapchats. So not only will their eyes be protected from UV rays, but they will also manage to look sharp while snapping a story about the sunny summer day that they are enjoying with friends and family aboard their boat.

Last, but not least, give your child (and yourself!) the gift of sound this year with Wonderboom. This budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker is compact, portable, colorful and best of all, completely waterproof! It plays for up for up to 10 hours, providing pure musical enjoyment on both land and in the water. Now you can let your kids blast their favorite songs as they spend the day playing by the pool, then you can enjoy your tunes while enjoying a relaxing evening in the hot tub!

Hopefully, these lists were as helpful, and they were fun to put together, and don’t forget, rewarding your loved ones a weekend at Herrington Harbour Marina or the Inn at Herrington Harbour is ALWAYS the best gift of all!!

Happy Holidays from Herrington Harbour Marinas!

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