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Hart-Miller Island

A State Park Destination by Boat Only

Secluded, peaceful, and beautiful, Hart-Miller Island State Park sits where the Middle River meets the Chesapeake Bay near the mouth of Baltimore Harbor. Accessible only by private boat, Hart-Miller makes the perfect boating destination for an afternoon swim or a weekend getaway.

Hart-Miller Island was once part of the peninsula that extended from Edgemere. A dike joined two separate islands, filled with dredge material from Baltimore Harbor. Today, the marshes, wetlands, and beaches of Hart-Miller Island are a popular Maryland state park.

Located 5 miles northeast from the entrance to Baltimore Harbor, Hart-Miller Island lies between the mouths of Middle River and Back River. When approaching from the south, the marked Hart-Miller Island Cut (located between Pleasure Island and Cuckold Point) leads from the deep bay to the north side of the island. Shallow water extends between Hart-Miller and Cuckold Point, so use caution, check the tides, and use your charts. Approaching from the north or east provides a deeper draft route around the northeast corner of the island.

The anchorage is a favorite weekend getaway for boaters during hot summer days on the Bay. Boaters can approach the island from any direction and pick their anchoring location based on the wind and sea state. The most popular spot is on the northwest shore of the island, directly off of the sand beach in 4-10 feet of water. This anchorage is a great place to spend hot summer afternoons swimming and lounging on the boat. It can get crowded on busy weekends. Without any substantial wind protection, you’ll want to find a more secure spot if weather moves in.

What to Do
In 2016 the park opened 8 miles of new trails that circle the internal lake and offer great views of the Bay. An observation platform provides the perfect vantage point for enjoying the scenery and birdwatching. Bicycles are available to rent. At this time, only the south end of the island is open to the public.

The island also has a 22-site campground with water and bathrooms, open from May through September. The campsites are equipped with a table and grill.

The western shore of the island offers a 3,000-foot long beach. The beach is a great place to wade in the shallows, sunbathe, and take a dip to cool off. Anglers will enjoy fishing off the boat or off of the beach on the island.

No matter what type of boating you enjoy, Hart-Miller Island provides opportunities for a great boating getaway in the Baltimore Harbor area. Come enjoy the sunshine, the beauty of the island and its wildlife, and some time away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life.

Click here to view Hart-Miller Island by drone.

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