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Herrington Harbour North Bottom Paint Packages


Herrington Harbour North offers a series of quality bottom paint packages to select from. Choose a paint based on how you plan to use your boat to maximize your performance. We can professionally paint your boat bottom to save both time and money.


Bottom paint preparation and painting can be a dirty job. Herrington North has the ability to monitor the weather and the flexibility to schedule your painting to ensure that your launch can go as planned. We purchase antifouling bottom paint and supplies in large quantities for big savings which we pass onto the customer. In comparison, if you calculate what your time is worth and the money you spend on supplies, you will see that we are the best option for bottom painting. We stand behind our professionally applied paint packages.


Give us a call, we can take a look at the bottom and give you our quote!


Bottom Paint Packages include

  • Light bottom preparation with 80 grit
  • 1 shaft or rudder zinc
  • All materials and labor for one coat


Read more on how to choose a bottom paint for your vessel.





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