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In 2001, Herrington Harbour led the effort for the State of Maryland and the EPA to protect Herring Bay’s water quality and aquatic life by designating Herring Bay as the Chesapeake Bay’s first No Discharge Zone. A “No Discharge Zone” is an area of water where the discharge of all boat sewage is prohibited. This includes raw sewage, which is prohibited anywhere within three-miles of the U.S. Coast, as well as sewage treated by Type I or II marine sanitation devices (MSD). Herrington Harbour North offers a range of options for emptying your holding tank:

1. Mobile Pump-out Boat

Marina staff will go to your slip and take care of everything right at your boat. Pump-outs can be scheduled as one-time service or on a recurring set schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). To request a mobile pump-out, use the online Mobile Pump-out Request Form or call the Marina Office at 410-867-4343. Requests must be made by 5 pm Monday for the week. Pump-outs are not date-specific and will be completed between Monday and the end of business Friday. Tank(s) must be clearly labeled.

2. Self-serve Pump-out Stations on C Dock

There are two self-serve pump-out stations located on the T-head of C Dock (C-T) that are always open and free to use. You may temporarily dock your boat in the middle of C-T, where you will find two large, metal boxes that house the pumps. To use the pump-out, refer to the step-by-step instruction guide posted at the station. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Marina Office at 410-867-4343.

Pump-out Station

3. Self-serve Portable Waste Disposal Station

There is a self-serve portable waste disposal station located just south of the E Dock Travel Lift that is available for emptying portable toilets. This station is always open and free to use. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Marina Office at 410-867-4343.

Portable Waste

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