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Herrington Harbour Marinas offer annual boat slip rentals and the most comprehensive marine services on the Chesapeake Bay. Get away from every day routine and escape to our amenity rich marina resorts.

We are located a short 20 minutes from the D.C. Beltway. As a slipholder, you will have access to our pools, beaches, complimentary events, fitness rooms, restaurants, picnic areas, walking trails and more.

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The Best Weather Apps

Know Before You Go

There is nothing more relaxing than spending a day out on the water. Calm seas and sunny skies are the perfect combination for a boating trip. However, every boater knows that not every day is as cooperative as the other. It’s very frustrating to drive a few hours to the dock only to realize that the weather has turned for the worse. To help avoid any waste of time, it’s helpful for boaters to use reliable marine weather forecasting apps. Here are some of the best apps that can help you monitor the marine weather in your area.

NOAA Weather Radar Live

StormNOAA stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This organizations sole job is to track the weather and climate changes within the ocean and atmosphere. NOAA tracks hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural phenomena in seas around the world. Their weather-tracking capability is truly remarkable and these results are perfect indicators for boaters. With the NOAA Weather Radar Live app, boaters can see the forecasted weather in their local area. This app displays live radars scanning the weather in any area from the Chesapeake Bay to Hong Kong. As NOAA data is reliable and accurate, boaters can rest assured that this app’s information can be trusted.

Stock Weather Apps

SunEvery phone model, including iPhones and Androids, comes with a stock weather application. While these apps aren’t the most powerful or dynamic weather trackers on the market, they are better than nothing. Boaters who find themselves out on the water with no dedicated weather-tracking app can always use these stock options. Most of these weather apps can be found on the home screen of a smartphone. Users can select a location and then see the weather forecast for that particular place. Click on the correct day for a more detailed forecast. These stock weather apps should then show an hour-by-hour forecast including precipitation, humidity and more. These apps aren’t ideal but will do the trick when nothing else is available.

Buoyweather App

GlobeThe Buoyweather App is a free application dedicated to tracking and reporting marine weather. This application is designed for boaters, coastal residents, water-sports enthusiasts and fisherman. Buoyweather has a worldwide network of Virtual Buoys that can provide accurate forecasting for offshore and coastal regions. This application is completely customizable and allows boaters to choose what to track and in which areas. The App is available for download from the official Buoyweather website for both Android and iPhone devices. Boaters can use this application for free. Premium features are available for a fee.


WindPredictWind is currently ranked #1 in Marine-Weather Forecast app. Despite only being available for the iPhone, this application has received a lot of positive reviews and attention. PredictWind offers some of the most accurate marine forecasts at high resolutions. Boaters can scroll in between graph, table and map views to offer different perspectives of the same data. PredictWind has several different weather forecasts to allow for the most precise readings. Users can toggle between wind, swell, sea temperatures, cloud and air forecasts all within the PredictWind app.

Whether out for a long fishing trip or simply bay cruising in the afternoon, it is important for all mariners to know the weather forecast. This can help to protect against possible accidents that may cause injury to individuals or property. These weather apps can offer some accurate readings of present and future conditions.

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