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Herrington Harbour Marinas offer annual boat slip rentals and the most comprehensive marine services on the Chesapeake Bay. Get away from every day routine and escape to our amenity rich marina resorts.

We are located a short 20 minutes from the D.C. Beltway. As a slipholder, you will have access to our pools, beaches, complimentary events, fitness rooms, restaurants, picnic areas, walking trails and more.

Annually voted Best on the Bay by Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Visit our website or come on by. Our Marina Offices are open daily, 9am-5pm.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Something for the Boater in Your Life

We know that nobody ever waits until the last minute to do their holiday shopping. So, this is more of a “just-in-case” you want one more nautical gift for a stocking stuffer.

Tide ClockDowneaster Tide Clock
A tide clock is one of the best gifts for sailboat owners. Knowing when the tides change can make docking a boat more manageable. Not having to fight a receding tide means you can simply pull your boat up to the dock and tie it off.

Downeaster has created a stunning tide clock out of brass. It’s six inches in diameter, making it an ideal compromise between being able to read the text and having a compact size. Find it at

Fish FinderiBobber
The iBobber is under $90 on Amazon and has a three day shipping time in most cases. Usually, we are pretty skeptical of “gadgets” like this, but we are going to make an exception for this one for a couple of reasons.

This fish finder actually works well and has a 10-hour battery life once fully charged. It reads depths to 135 feet and can even be used to create maps of the bottom. This is a legitimate personal fish finder that you can cast into holes to spot fish. Use it in tandem with a separate rod and let it float in areas you can’t get your boat.

Let the iBobber be your eyes underwater. It’s guaranteed to make you say wow as soon as you see it in action. Video of the iBobber.

Boat Drink Holder

Docktail Boat Bar
Well, isn’t this the bee’s knees? This accessory fits right into a rod holder and will keep all of your mixers organized and secure. Finally, someone found a way to put those rod holders to use on the back of that Sundancer 350. It seems way more practical than trolling 5 knots at 4.3 GPH.

BarometerStorm Cloud Barometer
Robert Fitzroy, captain of HMS Beagle, was a huge fan of playful barometers (He coined the word “forecast.”). This interpretation works the same way they did back then.

The unique liquid inside the glass crystallizes in different patterns as the barometric pressure changes. Fitzroy used his while carrying Charles Darwin on his famous, five-year voyage. Sitting on your desk or boat, this gift is sure to be a family favorite. For sale at

LogoGift Certificates
What’s the one gift that fits perfectly every time? Herrington Harbour gift certificates! The recipient of a Herrington Harbour Gift Card can use it for slip fees, fuel, marine services, transient dockage, lodging, and more.

Please call Herrington Harbour North (410-867-4343) or South (410-741-5100) to purchase yours today. You can’t go wrong with this one, and they are available in any denomination.

Contact Information
7149 Lake Shore Drive
North Beach, MD 20714
P.O. Box 40, 389 Deale Road
Tracey's Landing, MD 20779
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Our spirited boating community has the finest boat slips, resort amenities and marine services on the Chesapeake Bay. Want to learn more? Contact us today using our online form or call anytime. We are open 7 days a week, 9-5pm.

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