Directions by Land to Herrington Harbour North Marina

From Washington D.C…

  • Take Rt. 495 to Rt. 4 South/East (exit 11A).
  • Stay on Rt. 4 for 15 miles and take a right onto Rt. 258 (Bristol/Deale).
  • Follow Rt. 258 five miles to the first stoplight.  At the light make a right hand turn onto Rt. 2.
  • Drive ¼ mile and take the first left onto Rt. 256.  Follow Rt. 256 two miles.
  • Arrive at Herrinton Harbour North.


From Baltimore…

  • Take Rt. 695 to Rt. 97 South.
  • Take Rt. 97 South 18 miles (Rt. 97 will merge with Rt. 665 Aris T. Allen Blvd.) to Rt. 2 South (16 miles)
  • Make a left on Rt. 256.  Follow Rt. 256 two miles.
  • Arrive at Herrington Harbour North.


From Annapolis…

  • Take Rt. 2 South 16 miles and take a left on Rt. 256.
  • Follow Rt. 256 two miles.
  • Arrive at Herrington Harbour North.

Directions by Water to Herrington Harbour North

Approaching from the North…

  • Look for green can 83A at approximate position 38-46.0/76-29.6
  • Proceed southeasterly to Herring Bay flashing red 4s #2, passing flashing green 2.5s #1 on your port.


Approaching from the South…

  • Watch for green can #81A at approximate position 38-44.45/76-30.95’
  • Look to the northwest for Herring Bay flashing green 2-1/2s Herring Bay #1, which is a four-legged structure.  There is a crab pot float-free channel marked by four white and orange state buoys due west of Herring Bay #1.
  • Proceed on a westerly course to flashing red Herring Bay #2.
  • After passing Herring Bay #2 on your starboard, swing wide for 100 yards to a northerly course toward day marker Herring Bay #3 on your port.
  • Proceed on a northwesterly course to Rockhold Creek flashing green 4s#1 on your port.
  • Pass flashing red 4s Rockhold Creek #2 at the end of the jetty on your starboard, favor the center of the channel.
  • Pass Rockhold Creek #3 on your port, proceed on same northwesterly course to Rockhold Creek #4 and #5 (a pair).


Options on Arrival…

  • To proceed to D dock travel lift slip, pass between Rockhold Creek #s 4 and 5, holding #5 and the next two unnumbered private green day markers on your port side.  Dogleg to the right around the unnumbered private red day marker; take an immediate left turn between D and E docks.  D dock has the Herrington Harbour North Pump-out Station on the T under the HHN sign.
  • To assess the travel lift wells at K, L and M docks, as you pass between Rockhold Creek #’s 4 and 5, make a 45 degree right hand turn to hold Rockhold Creek day marker #7 on your port side.  Look for Tracey’s Creek #1 just north of #7.  As Traceys Creek #1 comes abeam on your port side, turn left 90 degrees, holding Traceys Creek #1 and then #3 on your port side.  Favor the right hand side of the channel.  When Traceys Creek #3 is on your port beam, turn 90 degrees to your right, proceed north up Tracey’s Creek.

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