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The Osprey Nest Cam Is Now Live

The Osprey Nest Cam is Now Live

Osprey Cam Installation

At the top of a 50′ piling, approximately 450′ from the shoreline of Herring Bay, sits an Osprey platform. On Tuesday, February 27th, a crew took to the sky in a 55′ hydraulic lift to install a new webcam by the nest. It took five people one full day to complete, and now the view is available for everyone to see on the Herrington Harbour website.

The live video stream wouldn’t be possible without the new installation of onSpot wifi at Herrington South. The new fast, reliable wifi signal is a great new amenity for everyone.

Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of watching an Osprey pair build a nest and care for some chicks this season. Click here to watch.

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