Ketch 22 Restaurant to Open in 2017 at Herrington South

The new operators of the restaurant “Ketch 22” at Herrington South will be Bobby and Julia Jones, current co-owners and operators of The Point Crab House and Grill.

bobby-and-julia-jonesBobby and Julia “Jul” Jones currently co-own and operate The Point Crab House and Grill located on Mill Creek in Arnold. The Point is known for local Maryland produce and seafood, recipes made with a creative twist, and freshly made in-house menu items.

Opening in 2012, The Point Crab House and Grill has already become a popular regional restaurant appearing in the Washingtonian, the Washington Post, Travel and Leisure, Life & Thyme, Cigar Aficionado and many others. The Point has won numerous awards, including several from the Capital Gazette and What’s Up Annapolis. Almost all of the produce and seafood are locally sourced. The focus is always on the quality of the food, service and attention to detail. All the food is made in-house including sauces, dressings, brioche rolls and even the crab seasoning.

lobtempsmallChef Bobby Jones loves the Chesapeake Bay in all of its forms. With Jul, these local restauranteurs form a fun and impassioned duo. With creativity, a love for Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay, they offer the enjoyment of delicious food in places with that special “I’m on vacation feel.” Together, it works! Chef Bobby brings a commitment to create a delicious menu and sense of humor, while Jul brings a warm talent for people and service.

Family and friends laughing together over great food is at the heart of their hospitality. Memories of their childhoods growing up amidst Eastern Shore tomatoes and corn, crabs, oysters and rockfish are part of what pulled them to the restaurant world.

scallopsBorn and raised in Maryland, Jul and Bobby grew up close to the Chesapeake Bay. Bobby loved to cook at an early age and spent time with his mother and grandmother learning a few basics. He met Jul while in high school and later they began to date when in college. They both took plenty of notes in various restaurants, learning the business while working their way through college. As University of Maryland students, Jul majored in psychology and Bobby in Art and Computer Design. Married in 1999, the couple worked in other career fields until eventually coming back to the hospitality world.

They currently live in Annapolis, Maryland and Bobby and Jul are the proud parents of Jack, Patrick and Erin.


  1. Mike

    When does the catch open ? Live music ? When ? Looking forward to the new people running the show

    • admin

      We will certainly keep everyone updated on the progress and are very happy to hear you are looking forward to it.

  2. Rosemary Byrd

    The new operators’ vision for the Ketch 22 restaurant at Herrington South sounds wonderful. I hope they will also create a few menu items that would appeal to vegetarians.

    • Thank you for the kind words Rosemary. Our menu will change seasonally and we’ll always have items for everyone!!

      • Colton Hammond

        I would like to bring our band and play here. It looks beautiful.
        Colton Hammond 301-412-7422.

  3. Robert

    Welcome Bobby and Julia! We will plan to bring an appetite!

  4. Thank you Robert!! We hope you bring your appetite and we’re really looking forward to a great new place for the neighborhood!! Thanks again!

  5. Kimberly

    Congrats Bobby and Julie! Can’t wait to do a destination cruise to visit the new place!

  6. Carl Raulin

    Sounds wonderful. Hopefully the new restaurant will be a hit. Looking forward to trying it out. The area and the marine create a huge local crowd. Hoping it will be conducive to these patrons.

  7. Cannot wait to try your new Restaurant when we return from Florida in April! Pat and John Taylor

  8. Gayle Young

    A much needed change! Can’t wait til it opens!

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