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What is an Eco-Lifestyle Resort?
An Eco-Lifestyle Marina Resort welcomes and surrounds its guests in a relaxing, ecologically sensitive marina environment.  Sustainable living practices and preservation of the natural environment are central themes.  Resort amenities offer catered events, waterfront dining and lodging, full marina services, eco walking trails and a variety of recreational and social pursuits.



Spartina Marsh Creation

  • Four acres of spartina marshes have been planted by digging out old rotten boats, engines, cars and construction debris in an area of phragmites.  Spartina Alternaflora is a type of grass that is a natural species to the area and environmentally sound.
  • We maintain our marsh creation areas by keeping them litter free and eliminating the phragmites attempts to re-establish.
  • The marshes filter stormwater runoff on the restored shorelines.
  • Marshes create more habitats around the waters edge for birds, waterfowl and small mammals.  Proof is, we are seeing a come back in the diamond back terrapins that require extremely clean environments to survive.

Terrapin Habitat

100% Recycling of Wash Water

  • Herrington Harbour was the first on the Bay to install an innovative system to recycle 100% of the wastewater at its Travellift wells.  Barnacles, paint and other debris are disposed of properly during the power washing, the water is treated and then re-used; therefore, keeping all harmful pollutants out of the Bay.

water recycling

No Discharge Zone

  • In 2002, Herring Bay was designated the first No Discharge Zone by the EPA and DNR.  In this zone, it is strictly prohibited to discharge waste, treated or untreated, from a vessel into the Bay.  Pump-outs at the marinas are free for slipholders everyday of the week.  We also offer an in your slip mobile pump-out service for the convenience of all slipholders.
  • Each year, approximately 90,000 gallons of waste are pumped out and properly disposed of.


Land Preservation

  • Over 550-acres at Herrington Harbour South has been placed into preservation. 
  • Different types of birds, know as “Forest Interior Dwelling Birds” (FIDS), and other wildlife species require large forested areas to breed successfully and maintain their population.  During the winter, the FIDS return to South America as far down as Brazil and return back to Herrington Harbour every year.

Preserving Historical Buildings

  • Herrington Harbour North is home to a 19th century Historic Village.  Open to the public, this village encompasses the Nutwell One Room School House, the Holland Meeting house, a Residential Dwelling, Corn House, Out House and Dairy house.
  • All of these 19th century building were saved, transported to Herrington and renovated.  The current project is the restoration of the Mary E., our Hooper’s Island Draketail fishing boat, built in Deale in 1933.



  • We have recycling areas for used motor oil and diesel fuel as well as antifreeze, cardboard and shrinkwrap.
  • We are participants in a pilot program with Anne Arundel County for the recycling of business waste.  This includes streamline recycling of all recyclable materials.  In 2008, half of our waste was kept out of the landfill.
  • A “Free Cycle Dumpster” is available to put in items you no longer use and if you like, take an item someone else no longer wanted.



  • We use no flush urinals to reduce water use by 160,000 gallons per year.
  • Restrooms are kept very clean to promote their use in lieu of the holding tanks on boats.


Fuel Dock

  • Spill prevention devices are used to minimize fuel spills in the Bay; such as absorbent collars around the fuel nozzles and containers that are put over the vents to capture any overflow that comes out fuel vent lines.

Storm Water Drains

  • All drains are clearly marked “NO DUMPING BAY DRAINAGE” to ensure that hazardous materials are properly disposed of.

Oil Disposal

  • Locations to dispose of used oil are conveniently located throughout the Marinas.

Herrington Inn Beachfront Lodging

  • The Project Planet program has been instituted to encourage hotel guests to conserve on water, electric and gas.
  • The hotel is cleaned with Bay Safe cleaning products, an all environmentally friendly product.
  • We use 100% compostable and recyclable cups, plates and bowls for our continental breakfast.

Light bulbs

  • Energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs are used throughout the Marinas.

Office Supplies

  • All ink cartridges used in the offices are recycled and remanufactured cartridges replace them.
  • Cell phone recycle boxes are in each office.  Periodically, they are boxed up and sent to a company that resells them.  Funds rendered from the sale are contributed to the Keep America Beautiful Campaign.  Cell phones that aren’t re-useable are disposed of according to EPA regulation.

Electric golf carts are used to reduce fuel consumption, emissions of exhaust, noise and maintenance.

A supply shop monitors the use of all our paints and chemicals to ensure proper use and reduction of waste.





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