Choosing a Bottom Paint for Your Boat

February 13, 2017

So you have questions about bottom paint? There's so much information and technology out there. We could talk about paint for days! Overall, the hull of your boat should have a good coat of bottom paint. Most manufacturers indicate that one coat will get you through a boating season.

What is the difference between ablative and hard paint? Ablative is a soft paint, designed to wear off with use over time. It leaves less of an annual buildup than hard paint. Hard paint remains on the bottom until you physically or chemically remove it.

Herrington Harbour offers four standard Paint Packages at very reasonable costs. We stand behind our professionally applied paint packages. They include the preparation of light sanding, materials, one coat of paint and one shaft/rudder zinc. We can also special order paint if you want something specific. The paints we have chosen are great for Chesapeake Bay boating.

PETTIT Neptune 5:  An all purpose, low VOC, antifouling paint formulated to polish away with minimal paint build up. Neptune 5 ablative provides one season protection in moderate to high fouling waters. Its crossbreed finish is extremely durable like a hard paint, yet it self-polishes over time like a seasonal abalative.

PETTIT Hydrocoat Eco:  Hydrocoat Eco is the strongest eco-friendly, multi-season ablative. Self-polishing water based ablative technology with organic Econea biocide. It can be applied over practically any other antifoul paint. Hydrocoat Eco offers as much protection as leading copper based multi-season paints.

PETTIT Hydrocoat:  PETTIT Hydrocoat offers exceptional multiseason protection against all types of fouling. It's designed to polish at a controlled rate resulting in minimal paint build up. Hydrocoat withstands frequent trailering, beaching and launching.

PETTIT Trinidad Pro:  Trinidad Pro provides maximum protection for high fouling environments. It's a hard durable coating for long term in water protection. Typically used on vessels with infrequent activity or traveling long range to tropical waters. Left in the water, it will provide years of dependable service.

View our Work Request for paint package pricing. For additional information on antifouling bottom paint, you can also visit the Interlux Paint and Pettit Paint websites.

Reminder:  If you are applying your own bottom paint while on land at Herrington Harbour, we ask that you consider your neighbor and the environment when prepping and painting your boat. Dustless sanding vacuum systems are mandatory. Any debris coming off the boat to the ground needs to be captured on a tarp or filter cloth and then disposed of in the dumpster. You are responsible for your debris. Paint must be rolled on. VOC compliance - please report your type of paint to the Marina Office and dispose of material properly.

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