Winter Boat Storage - How to Prepare Your Hull and Deck

Winter Boat Storage - How to Prepare Your Hull and Deck

By Jim Jacobs, Osprey Marine Composites

It's good practice to wash your hull and deck before putting your boat up for the winter. This will remove salt and other contaminants that shouldn't be allowed to sit on your gelcoat for extended periods of time.

If you choose to shrink wrap your boat, please consider these points:

The weather in our area doesn't require shrink wrap to protect the hull. Even the deepest snowfall in 100 years barely came up to the waterline on most boats. Wrapping to the cap rail is all that is beneficial. If you do have the wrap come down onto the hull, be sure to have spacers installed to keep the wrap from pressing against the hull. Install some vents as well.

Osprey Marine Composites has refinished at least 4 hulls in the past years that were damaged by shrink wrap laying against the gelcoat. Both rain and condensation are then trapped between the hull and the shrink wrap plastic, causing the hull to blister. The repair is costly and is completed by refinishing the hull with polyurethane paint.

Of course, Osprey Marine Composites is happy to quote on re-finishing for any circumstances.

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